GAP Preteen

What is the GAp?

The GAP is a ministry for pre-teens in 5th & 6th grades. The kids who are in between grade school and junior high… know…..the ones in the GAP. We believe that crucial changes take place during this age, but the gospel does not change. The gospel may be the only thing that is steady for the student during this time in his or her life. Our goal is to present and teach the gospel in such a way that it impacts their lives. We want pre-teens to know that while life may be uncertainGod is unchanging and we can know His will. 

When we meet

Our small group and large group rooms are upstairs in the Christian Life Center. Here's our weekly schedule:

9:15 a.m. Small groups for guys and girls in each grade
10:30 a.m. Large group in The Bridge
6:00 p.m. Small groups, large group worship and teaching, games in The Bridge

upcoming Events:

Promotion Sunday is August 19th!

Students will move up to the next grade-level class in Sunday School. We're excited to welcome our new 5th graders!