Join a Life Group

Spiritual growth doesn’t happen by accident.

At Wilmer, we believe there is an expectation of spiritual growth in the life of every believer. We exist to make disciples.

We follow Jesus’ model by placing people who desire to grow in relational environments with intentional leaders who will walk with them on their faith journey. We call them Life Groups.


Life Groups are small groups of 6-10 adults who meet together weekly with the goal of helping each other grow spiritually, to the point they can move out of the group and disciple others. We have groups for couples, men and women. LifeGroups typically meet in homes of the group leaders.

· We want you to be committed to attending your Life Group
· Transparency, accountability and being pushed out of your comfort zone should be expected
· Eventually the goal is for you to be equipped to disciple other believers

ready to connect with a lifegroup? 

Use our group finder to check out the LifeGroups meeting now. Many of our LifeGroups took a break for the summer and will begin meeting again in the fall.


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