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Honoring Our Senior Adults

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It was a wonderful time at church this past week as we honored our senior adults.  We are blessed to have so many of our older adults who are being used of God to bless our church.  Many of them take a very active role in the ministries that our church offers. The intercessory prayers, the wisdom, the willingness to serve and the perseverance they display in serving the Lord through the church is a testimony to their faith and commitment.

Sharing God’s word from Exodus 17 was a joy as God spoke to us through His word.  This passage teaches us that God has us on a journey that leads us to encounter the lost and hopeless world.  We see from the scripture that God uses people of all ages to accomplish His will in the church.  We all need each other and we must love, support, and rely on each other to be victorious in our efforts to reach people for Christ.

God used Moses, a senior citizen, to provide leadership for His people. He used young men to go out and fight the battles with the enemy. The young men who were warriors were supported by the example of Moses going out with them and standing on the hill, holding up the rod of God to encourage the young men in the battle and to ask for God’s deliverance.

We are blessed here at Wilmer Baptist to have people of all ages who are willing to be involved in meaningful ministry.  From high school and college age adults, young adults, middle age, and senior adults, we need each other.  May God continue to bless us as we embrace and appreciate each other and use our gifts to bring glory to God.

Election Prayer Meeting

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Last week, I was led of God to preach from Ezekiel 33 about the watchman sounding the alarm warning of judgment. In our nation and culture, we are on the brink of an election that may be called the most important election of our lifetime. The stakes are higher than they have ever been, and the direction of a nation is being decided. 

I believe this is a defining moment in our nation's history. The direction we as a nation choose on November 8th will have an impact on us for years to come. We must seek the Lord's direction and will before we vote. I challenged our congregation to look at the things each party stands for and to make an informed decision about who will receive your vote.

Our religious freedom to obey God and keep the commandment to evangelize the world is at stake. Recent judicial decisions have seriously eroded the religious liberties that we have previously taken for granted. The fact that the next president will appoint possibly several Supreme Court justices may be the most important reason why this election is so critical. 

As Christians we must follow the Lord and let His Word shape our decisions. As believers we must pray and participate in the election to maintain the religious freedoms we hold dear. We must protect the sanctity of human life and marriage between a man and a woman as ordained by God. We want to feel secure and raise our children and grandchildren in a nation that believes in law and order. We need to stand up for God's people, the nation of Israel.

I am calling our people together for three nights beginning this Saturday evening at 7 PM. We will pray for the supernatural hand of God to move upon the hearts of the people in our nation. We are encouraging our people to fast, pray and repent before God for our nation's future. We will meet Saturday, Sunday and Monday evenings from 7-8 PM, trusting God to help us go in a different direction. 

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