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Our Time Is Now

We are a blessed church here at Wilmer. God planted us here 115 years ago to be an influence in this area for Christ. God has brought each of us to this church for this time in history and God is working among us. We are experiencing great fellowship, wonderful worship times, and many of our people are stepping up and providing leadership in the church.

I believe we are on the verge of seeing God move in marvelous ways as we face our challenges and trust God to lead us. It is a good time for each of us to evaluate how we can be used of the Lord through the ministry of our church. What God-given gifts do you have that would help our church be more effective in carrying out our mission to be a New Testament church?

This is a busy and an exciting time for us with new leadership coming on board in our children and youth ministries. We are building a new ministry for our pre-teen grades (5 and 6) and will need leaders and workers to fill vital roles in this area. We will be assembling and training workers for our Wednesday night Children, Pre-Teen, and Youth ministries soon and are praying for those who will be involved in this mass, church-wide effort to reach, teach, and love our kids.

Please begin praying now for God to show you where He wants to use you this next year. Pray for God’s hand to move among us and pray that His grace will be evident in our lives and ministry.

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Responding to the Challenge

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Wilmer is a church with a vision, and that vision comes from the Lord. God Himself commanded His followers to go out into the world and make disciples. Our mission is to tell others about the love of Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross. We are to baptize those who believe and through faith receive new life in Christ. We are to teach new believers and disciple them to become followers of Christ.

Any church that seriously attempts to fulfill God’s vision will be challenged by our adversary. Satan will attempt to distract, discourage, and divide us as he works to destroy the unity and fellowship of the church. A growing church will face challenges and will need to embrace these challenges and trust God to give us the wisdom to overcome them.

The tremendous growth that we have experienced in our Wednesday night children and youth ministries has led to some real challenges. Our desire is to create an atmosphere for teaching and learning so our children and youth can come to know Christ and become followers of Him. We are having to address some organizational, logistical, and disciplinary issues to be more effective in our Wednesday night ministries.

The church is bringing on some new leadership and some new ideas to help make Wednesday evenings great. We are excited about how our people are responding to meet these challenges. It is exciting to see God move and be part of a congregation that wants to follow Christ and allows the Holy Spirit to lead us in facing challenges. I can’t wait to see how God is going to bless us this coming year as our people respond by stepping up to meet these challenges.

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