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Missing the Supernatural

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For the last several weeks we have been looking at what made the first church great in Acts chapter 2. They experienced great times of being together for worship, Bible study, prayer and fellowship. They had a spirit of giving themselves, to God first and then to each other. They experienced a great sense of community and sharing with each other, and they were motivated to go out into the world and make disciples. The first church experienced tremendous growth as God moved through them and among them. It was exciting to be a part of the body of believers that God was using to accomplish His will.

What sets that first church apart from most churches today is their reliance on the Holy Spirit. The key to being the awesome church they were is found in Acts 2:4: "They were all filled with The Holy Spirit." This made all the difference in their lives and their approach to ministry. It was the Spirit who gave them the power to touch their world, and it was the Spirit who gave them a passion for the things of God.

The Holy Spirit working in each of our lives is what we all need. We need to be filled with the sense of God's presence with us, the power of Him working in us and the passion to serve Him. We can't replace Him with programs or methods or anything that we can do. We need Him to supply what we need. I'm excited about the challenge to be filled with the Holy Spirit and look forward to the tremendous release of power in the church as we come together and share in the awesome work of building God's Kingdom until He returns.

Someone to Believe In

Last Sunday we honored our high school and college graduates in our morning service.  Eighteen young men and women will be entering college or pursuing a career now that they have graduated from high school, and they need our prayers.

I expressed my concern for them as I challenged them from God's Word to trust in Christ as the anchor for their future. We live in such a confusing and chaotic world, and our young people who are stepping on college campuses for the first time are very vulnerable to the cultural climate they are about to enter.  The anti-Christian bias and liberal mindset of many college professors will challenge our young people to reject the core beliefs and foundations of their faith.

Jesus spoke to His disciples in John 14 and told them not to be troubled about their circumstances or environment but trust in Him. He is the way, the truth and the life. Trust in Christ and faith in His Word will navigate these young people through the perilous landscape of a worldly culture. Pray that our young college and career students will stand firm in their faith in Christ and be the overcomers that Christ will reward one day.