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Pathway to Greatness

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Great churches do not happen by accident--they are a result of the Spirit of God working in a church body. Paul referenced the churches of Macedonia in 2nd Corinthians 8, when he gave praise to God that He had poured His grace out on them. Paul was giving God glory for what was happening in the churches of Macedonia and for the wonderful works that were being done by the people in their churches.

I hope you will join with me and pray for God to pour His grace out on our church here at Wilmer. Pray that God’s power and Spirit would be free to operate among us and the works produced by the Holy Spirit would be evident to all those who live in the surrounding areas. When the grace of God is working in the lives of believers, unity, peace and joy develop among the believers in the church. There is a sense of belonging to Christ and to each other. There is a desire to want to do something for God and to be used by Him.

A great church is a giving church, and God’s grace is what motivates us to be willing to give. Giving ourselves completely to God is the challenge for every believer. The greatest work in all the world is the Lord’s work, and there is no greater joy than to be actively involved in doing the Lord’s work.

A Church in Transformation

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The Lord is leading us at Wilmer to be transformed from being a good church to being a great church. The Holy Spirit is reminding us through God’s Word that we have a great God who has saved us for a great work. We as God’s children are under a great commandment to love our God with all of our heart, soul and mind, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

The Holy Spirit is reminding us that we have received a great commission to go into the world and make disciples, to baptize them and to teach them the precious word of God that will transform their lives. We have a great challenge to be a New Testament church and we have the first church in Acts chapter 2 as our example.

It will take a great commitment on our part to meet the challenge God has given us. His challenge is to see the open door He will provide for us and go through it as we follow His will. The Lord has set before this church an open door. Our response must be like the church in Acts, who took seriously the challenge of the Great Commission. They grew as a church and brought glory to God.

We can only be great as we follow the Lord and work and serve together as the church in Acts 2 did. We are going to pray and trust in the power of the Holy Spirit to fill us and transform us into a great church, serving a great God and fulfilling a great commission. To God be the Glory.