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The Acts 2:42 Church

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I enjoyed sharing this past Sunday in our worship time  about “God’s Incubator," the church. God has brought the church into existence to provide what we as Christians need to thrive as His disciples in an increasingly hostile world. To see how God brought the first church together in Acts chapter 2 is so encouraging for us when we consider what the first century believers had to overcome.

In Acts 2:41-47, we can see God’s way of taking care of and providing for the needs of new believers--through the church. He created such an atmosphere of love, instruction, fellowship and sharing that the church just blossomed. The people worshipped, prayed, witnessed, and just genuinely loved each other, and it was a powerful witness to the whole city of Jerusalem.

We pray that we can be used of God and have that same nurturing environment in the body of Christ here at Wilmer. We are beginning a fellowship of believers called Acts 2:42, and we will meet every other Thursday evening to encourage each other, pray and fellowship together. We meet in the Worship Center at 7pm. Pray about being part of this fellowship of believers at Wilmer, and come join us on Thursday evenings.

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Worship at Wilmer

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What a wonderful Easter Worship experience we had in our two services Sunday morning. I feel so blessed to be part of a church that loves to worship. Our worship leader, Cason, the choir, band and drama team have tremendously enhanced our worship here at Wilmer. The enthusiasm and sacrifice they exhibit every week to be used of God to bless the church is a beautiful thing to behold.

Countless members and visitors at Wilmer have expressed to me their appreciation of those who lead us to worship every week. We are blessed of the Lord to have so many willing and gifted people who honor the Lord with their spiritual gifts each week. Thank you, worship team, for your sacrifice to lead in both services Sunday morning. With the wonderful presentation of "Glorious Day” on Palm Sunday and the beautiful Easter Service this past week, "The Reigning Lamb,” many have remarked on how moved they have been seeing Christ lifted up.

The greatest blessing of all is that two adults came to faith in Christ following the worship services Sunday. The Lord promised that when He is lifted up He will draw those to Him that would be saved. Let us just keep lifting up Jesus through our worship, preaching, discipling and fellowship, and we will continue to see Him move. To God Be the Glory.

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