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New Life in Christ, Part 2

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What does a worn out building have to do with life in Christ?

This morning was, in some ways, a bitter sweet time as I watched the old stucco building being torn down. I thought about the vision the previous generation had back 60 years ago as they planned, sacrificed, and stepped out on faith to build additional education space and a fellowship hall.

Some of our members remember playing on the concrete slab as children during the construction of the building. I myself can remember over fifty years ago, when I was a fourth grader at Wilmer Elementary, we had 4-H Club meetings in that building. I have fond memories of coming to be a member of Wilmer Baptist Church as a young adult; all of my three children came up through the baby nursery located in that building. Many of us remember gathering in the old fellowship hall downstairs for coke and cookies following Sunday evening services.

So many children over the years were taught the Bible in Sunday School and Children’s Church in this building. For many years the Sunday school office upstairs was the hub of activity on Sunday mornings. For 57 years, this old flat top building has stood as a landmark on our church grounds.

After years of repair, renovation and utilization, we knew that the old building had seen better days, and it was finally time to take it down. In some ways the old building is like our bodies. As time goes on, we get older and weaker because these bodies are not made to live forever. The old building had to be removed to make way for a brighter future. As we think about Easter and our celebration of Christ’s resurrection, we should be thankful that God has made preparation for us. As this old tabernacle is dissolved, it makes way for the new life and new body we will have after Christ raises us up. In Christ, old things pass away and all things become new.

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New Life in Christ

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This is one of my favorite times of the year, when spring is just around the corner--the azaleas are in full bloom with beautiful colors, the redbud trees are brilliant pink, and the dogwoods are about to bloom. All the trees are just putting on new leaves and turning our world to beautiful shades of green.

It is like the world comes alive again, or awakens from a deep sleep. The temperatures warm up, gardens are planted and everyone seems busy. I like to pause and think about how God, through nature, reveals new life. Springtime in our area is a beautiful picture of the resurrection of Christ and the new life we can have through Him and His sacrifice for us at the cross.

The New Testament declares,

"Those in Christ are a new creation, old things are passed away and all things have become new.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

Freshly planted seeds bursting through the warm soil in the fields, the budding flowers and the birds building their nests and raising their young are all springtime signs of new life.

May each of us thank God for allowing us to witness His handiwork in another spring season, and especially thank Him for the new life He gave us when we came out of darkness and surrendered ourselves to Him in faith. We have been made new creations in Him. To God belongs all the glory.

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