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Change of Course

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The Lord understands the challenges that we face as individuals and as a church in our desire to serve Him.  He knows that we have the tendency to lose our enthusiasm and motivation for service as we live under pressure, attempting to keep our sanity with everything the world throws at us. Our devotion to Him and our excitement to be involved in His work can wane, and He has given us His words in times like these to help us refocus.     

In Revelation chapters 1-5, Jesus communicates His message to the believers in the New Testament Church. He knows our works, or lack of works, and He challenges us to remember that He is our first love. He asks us to hear what He says to us through His Spirit, the Holy Spirit who lives in us and communicates with us. Christ desires that we remember our commitment to Him, repent of our failure and be steadfast in our desire to serve Him.

Our rewards will be tremendous as we overcome the challenges this world presents.  We need the Lord and each other for encouragement to remain faithful to our calling as His followers.

We find ourselves straying away at times from the devotion and commitment to spiritual things. Christ warns us against “lukewarmness.”  When we recognize that we have become lukewarm we need a change of course to get back into the will of God and find our joy and passion again to serve Him.

Our LifeGroups are designed for us to love and encourage each other as we live life together.  We can share our struggles and learn from each other in a friendly and engaging atmosphere outside the church. There is something dynamic about getting together in a home with other believers--it blesses us and helps us grow in our faith and fellowship.  We encourage everyone to be involved in a LifeGroup this fall as we begin a new season of discipleship.  On Sunday, October 1, we will have our LifeGroup Launch Night. More details about Launch Night will be coming soon, but for now we want you to begin to pray about how you can join in a LifeGroup this fall.

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The Challenges of a New Year

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We had a beautiful experience this past Sunday as we observed the Lord’s Supper in our morning worship service.  The observance reminds us of the sacrifice Christ made in the past, the relationship that sacrifice made possible for the present time and the future we have in Christ.

It was good for us to begin our new church year participating in the observance of this memorial supper.  With all the challenges we have as individuals and as a church, we need the focus that this ordinance provides.  Our motivation for service and ministry is organized when we remember Christ’s sacrifice for our sins.  The relationship we have with Christ makes it possible for us to reach out in His love and build relationships with others and lead them to Christ.

The promise from Christ that He will return to take His church to heaven is a great motivator for each of us to endure, to remain faithful and to be steadfast in our devotion to our Lord.  This year will be filled with opportunities and experiences that will grow our faith and draw us closer to the Lord.  The work that Christ has called us to is the greatest work in all the world.  The Lord established the New Testament Church to fulfill His will and accomplish His purpose in this age.  He promises to be with us until the end of the age (Matthew 28:20).  May each of us look and pray to see where God is moving and join Him in His work.  To God be the Glory.

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