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Radical Redirection

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I am constantly amazed at the mercy and grace of God that is available for His children.  In the morning worship service this past Sunday, I attempted to be transparent and share honestly my struggle to live a life committed and obedient to my Lord.  I know that God’s Word is true,  and when He says that "the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak (Matthew 26:41)," I can certainly say that is true in my life.

I discovered years ago that God had made it possible for me to experience a deep walk with Him.  Repenting of all known sin and surrendering all that I am to God leads to being filled with His Holy Spirit and enjoying intimate fellowship with God.  I had experienced that deep abiding fellowship with God and the anointing for service that God provides.  But the distractions and the cares of the world can draw us away from our fellowship with God and lead us to rebel against His will.

When we choose to go in the direction the world is leading us, or when we begin to live contrary to God’s plans for our life, we are in a state of rebellion.  When we operate independently of God’s will, choose to spend our time and resources pursuing our interests, we have rebelled against God. As children of God, His Spirit resides in us and the Spirit attempts to draw us back to God.  Through conviction and revelation of our sin, we are brought to see the state of our rebellion against God.  The revelation of the Spirit is to bring conviction and point us back to God.  We can repent--or continue in rebellion.  Repentance involves a change of heart and a change of direction.  God is attempting to radically redirect our lives back to Him to spare us from the destruction and consequence of remaining in sin and rebellion against God.

Thank the Lord that He is faithful to pursue us when we stray and is faithful to forgive us and cleanse us from acts of rebellion! He desires to redirect us back to fellowship with Him and a life of service and purpose.  Maybe, like me, you need for God to radically redirect your life and fill you with His Holy Spirit again.  O the joy of being in fellowship with God and in harmony with His will!

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Vision Gathering 2017

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It has been a remarkable summer for us here at Wilmer Baptist Church.  We have been so blessed to see people being saved and baptized practically every week.  This is the work of the Lord and we give Him praise for what His Holy Spirit is doing among us.  There has been a lot of sowing of God’s word this summer through Vacation Bible School, Summer Camps and Bible Studies.  Many of our adults have invested much time reaching out to children and youth, and we anticipate a harvest in the future.

We are preparing and planning for the new church year, and some wonderful opportunities for ministry will be shared during our Vision Gathering on Sunday evening, August 6th at 6:00.  We will begin with a church wide fellowship meal at 5:30 in the Christian Life Center.  Then we will move to the Worship Center for our Vision Casting and church business meeting.  We will be sharing about new directions for ministry, distributing calendars of activities for the new year and adopting a budget for our ministries.  There are some exciting new things coming our way this year, especially for children and young adults.  We will be sharing the details during our Vision Gathering.

We are encouraging everyone to come and join us for Vision Gathering 2017.  Child care will be available for children birth through 5 year olds.  This is going to be the kickoff for all of our late summer and fall ministries and activities.  Pray for this exciting time, that God would move on us and lead us toward the greatest year of ministry ever in the life of our church.  It is all for His Glory!

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