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Wisdom for the Ages: Ecclesiastes 6

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 Chapter 6 of Ecclesiastes is a very depressing chapter in the life of Solomon. Solomon was the greatest king the world had ever seen. Solomon had the most riches and wisdom ever given a man and he presided over the great kingdom of Israel. With all the advantages that had been given him by God, he doesn't find in them the true meaning and purpose in life that he seeks. Solomon contends that a man can have great riches but not be able to enjoy them. He understood that riches and honor are no  guarantee of happiness. He says that a child that was still born and never saw the light of day was better off than a man with many advantages in life but no peace.   

People in the Old Testament days, like Solomon, didn't have as much understanding of the afterlife as those who lived in New Testament times. When Jesus came into the world, He shared a lot of insight on what the afterlife of man would be like. Solomon seemed to be searching for more purpose and meaning in life than what he had previously experienced. God says we will find Him when we search for Him with all our heart. The book of Ecclesiastes was probably written toward the end of Solomon's life, and is a picture of the journey he had in finding peace with God. We too are on our journey through life and I hope each of you have found peace with God through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Only through faith in Christ

 can we experience the joy, peace and contentment that Solomon searched for. 
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Wisdom for the Ages: Ecclesiastes 5

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As we come to chapter 5 in Ecclesiastes, we have some warnings from the Word of God through what Solomon shared in the first few verses. One of those warnings was to be careful with how we approach worship in the house of the Lord. The Word means to watch our step when we go before the Lord to worship. We are cautioned to be careful in what we say. We are not to be quick to utter things that we have not thought carefully about. As we sing to the Lord, we need to be sure we mean what we are singing. And we are to be careful in the promises we make to God.  

Vows are promises that we make and God takes those promises seriously. Solomon warns that only  a fool would make a vow to God and not pay it and God has no pleasure in fools. Worshipping together is something we should all look forward to as we gather with others and come before God. It is important that we honor the Lord in how we approach Him as we come to worship. When we come before Him, we are going to offer Him something. It can be reverence, worship, thanksgiving, praise and devotion or it can be what Solomon calls the "Sacrifice of fools." The attitude of our heart as we approach God determines what kind of offering we give to HIm. Spend some time with God today thanking Him for the privilege of worshipping the True and Living God!

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