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The Impact of a Fresh Encounter with God

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were always full of the Holy Spirit, on fire for God, and remained in the center of God’s will? That would be great--but it isn’t always that way with us because we are human! We are weak and prone to drift away from a close fellowship with God. We can lose our enthusiasm for the things of God and find ourselves just going through our religious routines. We often think, "There has to be more in having a relationship with God than I am experiencing. What will help me recapture my passion for serving God?"

Often times what each of us needs is a fresh encounter with God. We need for God to rescue us from our apathy and draw us back into intimate fellowship with our Lord. We need a new and fresh revelation of God in our life. That is what Isaiah needed when he went to the temple to pray in Isaiah chapter 6. God drew Isaiah into His presence and allowed Isaiah to see Him as never before. This new revelation of God humbled Isaiah and made him aware of his sin; it led him to repentance and faithful service to God.

A fresh encounter with God will change the direction of your life.  These precious times when we sense the presence of God so real and close to us have a profound impact on how we live and how we relate to others.

Our Spring Renewal Weekend, March 31st through April 2ndis designed to bring our church together in a time of serious seeking for a fresh encounter with God. Many are praying now for God to move upon us in a time of renewal, refreshing and revival. May we become desperate for an encounter with our God and trust that in His time and in His way, He brings us into a new revelation of His awesomeness and how blessed we are to be His children.  Clear your calendar and save the date, March 31st through April 2nd, and pray for the renewal that only God can bring.

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Spring Renewal Weekend

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For several weeks now, God has put it in my heart to lead the church in a Renewal Weekend. One of the greatest spiritual experiences of my life happened in a renewal weekend in our church here at Wilmer 37 years ago. That weekend, in June of 1980, was used of God to strengthen the fellowship of our church for decades to come. Those who are still in our church could testify to how the Holy Spirit moved on our church and in our lives that awesome weekend.  

I am praying and trusting God that the wonderful reality of His presence will be our experience this Renewal Weekend.  The weekend will begin on Friday evening March 31st and continue throughout the weekend of April 1st and 2nd.  We are asking all of our church members and families to make the commitment to give this weekend to the Lord.  When we sacrifice to be with Him and truly desire to have Him touch our lives and our church, then we can anticipate that God will move in His time and in a wonderful way. God tells us that when we draw close to Him, He will draw close to us

A word of warning! Satan, our adversary, does not want you or your family to be involved in this weekend. He understands the potential this weekend has to impact the lives of our church family for decades to come. He will attempt to put obstacles in your path to keep you and your family from the spiritual experience Renewal Weekend holds for you. I pray you will recognize his attempts to hinder your involvement and that you will triumph over these obstacles and have a mountain-top experience with God.  It’s going to be great, and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us during this weekend. Be in prayer for the weekend, be part of the weekend, and be prepared for an awesome time shared with God and the church family.  

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