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Meaningful Moments with God- Day 1

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I wanted to share this time with you each day as I go through the 21-day challenge of having a meaningful moment with God every day. I have looked forward to this day and was excited to go out this morning and spend some time in prayer and just being alone with God. It was a beautiful morning, a little cloudy but a great time to be alone with the Lord.

As I talked with God this morning, I remembered how 15 years ago the Lord worked in my life to draw me closer to Him. I remember having a desire to spend more time in prayer and the Lord reminded me with a verse in the book of James that says if we draw close to God he will draw close to us. I determined that I would spend more time in prayer and as I did over the course of the next few weeks, God began to change my life. God began to show me the sin in my life. 

As I turned away from my sin, The Lord cleansed me and begin to fill me with the Holy Spirit. I began to have a deep fellowship with God and I began to know when He was speaking to me. The Lord began to answer my prayers and direct my life. The Lord changed the direction of my preaching and teaching ministry. The Lord was getting me, the pastor, humble and ready for what He was about to do in our church.  Spending meaningful moments with God daily changed my life and my prayer for each of you is that you will experience God more fully and have deeper fellowship with Him as you meet with Him each day.

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