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Meaningful Moments with God- Day 2

Every day with God is special and these meaningful moments with God refresh my faith in Him. As I spent time with the Lord in prayer, in reading John chapter 2 and writing my daily letter, I found verse 11 touched me in a special way.

Jesus displayed His glory through performing a miracle and His disciples believed in Him. God is glorified as He Supernaturally works through miracles. The water pots were empty and man could do nothing to change the immediate circumstances. Mary, the mother of Jesus, because she had a special relationship with Jesus, was in a position to ask Him to do something to address the situation. Mary had faith in Him and believed He would do something to help. Jesus performed His first miracle and it brought Him glory, blessed the wedding guest, and increased the disciple's faith.

We are the disciples of Christ in this generation and we have a special relationship with Him that gives us access to His throne of grace. In this time of great need with the Coronavirus sweeping the world, we need to ask Jesus to provide a miracle that brings Him glory, blesses the world, and causes many to believe in Him.

God bless you and keep having those meaningful moments with God. “A special time, A special place, Connecting with God, Living in Grace.”

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