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The Gospel of Luke: Chapter 8

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In chapter 8, Luke gives us a glimpse of one day in the life of Christ. It begins with Jesus getting into a boat with His disciples on the Sea of Galilee. As Jesus slept and a storm came up, the boat was in danger of sinking. The disciples awakened Jesus and He commanded the storm to cease. The disciples were amazed at His awesome power. When the boat crossed the sea to the land of Gadara, a demon possessed man came running down to Jesus out of the tombs. Jesus cast the demons out of him and the man became a faithful witness for Christ.
    When they crossed back over the sea, they were met by a man who had a young daughter who was about to die and asked Jesus to come heal her. As Jesus made His way to the man’s house, a woman with an issue of blood touched His garment and was healed. As Jesus arrived at the young girl’s home, she had died and Jesus went in and raised her from the dead. All these things that Jesus did in one day proved that He really was the Son of God.
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