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Wisdom for Life's Journey - Proverbs 5

There is so much in the world to entice any of us to sin. Proverbs 5 is a continuation of instruction from a father to his son, who lacks wisdom. It is so easy to fall victim to the ways of the world. Our flesh is often tempted by the immoral lifestyle of the world. Many people, and particularly the young have fallen victim to the allure of the world.
In verse one, we are encouraged to listen to wisdom and instruction from the Father. By doing this we can learn to use discretion as we make choices in life. Those who refuse to hear and obey the words of the Father can be brought to total ruin. The ways of men are always before the eyes of the Lord. Knowing that our God sees everything we do should cause us to consider our words, our actions and the way we live. Only God can keep us on the right path. Spend time with Him each day seeking wisdom for the right path for your life.

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